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See what children and their families are doing to fight back against the Children's Aid Society (CAS) and the family courts (Video)

The unlawful detention of children at schools by school officials and CAS workers

This document is a must read for parents and school officials regarding the unlawful detention and interrogation of children by CAS workers in Ontario Schools

Questions & Answers for school officials regarding CAS at children's schools

This must read document for teachers and school officials answers many of the questions that school officials have about CAS in their schools

Questions & Answers for Police regarding involvement with CAS workers

This must read document for police officers answers many of the questions that law enforcement officials have about dealing with CAS workers. (Coming soon)

The Unlawful Practice of Social Work by CAS workers in Ontario

This document written by child and family justice advocate Vernon Beck outlines how most Childrens Aid Society workers in Ontario are breaking the law

Understanding the Children's Aid Society - A historical analysis

This document written by Michael Reid reviews the development of CAS in Ontario since the 1800's and its troubling past

How to launch a lawsuit against teachers or the School Board

This document will outline the steps for parents to launch a civil lawsuit against teachers or the local school board for allowing CAS workers to question their children at school without informed consent (coming soon)

A Child's Guide to Ontario's Office of the Children's Lawyer

This document will answer questions about the children's lawyer and show kids how to stand up against incompetent lawyers(coming soon)

What you Can Do to Help

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The Unlawful Practice of Social Work in Ontario by CAS workers (Jan 2016) - Download the latest copy

Public input requested for CAS accountability

In response to information being reported by parents to Canada Court Watch, an additional section for the accountability document is being developed. Readers are asked to review the below recommendation and to provide input in the comment section of this news post or to submit an email to info@canadacourtwatch.com. Also anyone who would like to become part of the review committee working on this document should contact Canada Court Watch.

Issue #32: The drugging of children taken into temporary CAS care without knowledge or consent of parents


It has been reported by a number of parents and children in care that children who have been taken into temporary care of the CAS are being taken to doctors who work with the CAS and are being prescribed and subjected to powerful, mind altering drugs very shortly after being taking into care, sometimes within mere days of being apprehended. In most, if not all situations, the administration of powerful drugs is being forced upon children before the issue has ever been properly and fairly argued in court. Parents sometimes report their children acting like zombies when seen at access visits or by others at their schools.

In most cases, CAS workers take the children to unknown health care providers and then get the children on drugs do this without informing the parents or family members and without any consultation with the child’s previous family doctor. Parents are kept in the dark about their children being taken to doctors and about any drugs which the children are being forced to take. It is all done in relative secrecy.

Many believe that the reason why CAS agencies get children on to drugs is to calm their anxiety from being taken from their homes and to mask the physical and emotional abuse that many children are being subjected to while in care. Many believe that the doctors who accept these child patients have a close working relationship with CAS and depend on referrals from the CAS to expand their profitable practices. Because of the secrecy and confidentiality involved between the CAS approved doctors and the CAS workers many of the doctors will prescribe powerful medication on the advice and even the diagnosis of CAS workers who are in most cases not properly trained. CAS agencies also get more money from the Province of Ontario for children who are categorized as special needs so there is also a strong financial incentive to get children medicated and labeled as special needs.

To meet acceptable minimal standards of accountability, transparency, fairness and professionalism, each children’s aid agency should have published policies and/or practices which clearly reflect the following:

1) That anytime that a CAS agency believes that a child taken into their care is believed to be suffering any king of mental disorder, that this issue be discussed with the parents prior to the child being taken to any doctor for diagnosis or treatment.

2) That the consent of the parent’s must be obtained to allow a child to see any CAS recommended health care provider.

3) That parents of any child in temporary care should be given the first opportunity to take a child to a health care provider to deal with any mental health issue which CAS believe may be affecting the child.

4) That in the event that parent’s are not willing to cooperate with the reasonable demands of CAS in regards to treatment for a child’s mental health issues, then CAS be required to obtain a court Order before subjecting any child to mind altering drugs without the approval of the parents. This will provide the opportunity for the issue to be properly heard by a court of competent jurisdiction before drugs are forced upon a child in temporary care.

5) That in circumstances where mental health care services are being provided by the CAS, then the CAS should provide a copy of the current curriculum vitae of the health care professional so the parents can has provided some assurance as to the competency of the health care provider..

6) That all CAS agencies should have all policies and procedures relating toe the above published on their website for members of the public to view.

7) That legislation (if not currently in place) be amended to require that CAS agencies obtain a valid court Order before being allowed to take children to mental health care practitioners or to have psychotropic drugs administered without the informed consent of the child or the parents.

I do not want to lay out all the details for fear of the current CAS Worker I have making our lives even more of a living hell than it already is. I have had CAS involvement for a number of years now because I have children with mental illness and just recently, August actually, I was told by a worker that my file was being closed because as parents, we are doing the best that we can do and CAS has nothing to provide to us that we already don't have in place. In September, a situation arose and here they come again. In October, in a meeting with the two workers, I find out that they had lied, and not closed the file. Since then, the current worker I have has been calling us 3-4 times a week, showing up unannounced to our home and is now currently hounding me to have talks with my mentally ill son in school, and I want him interviewed at home when he feels safer.

Could someone please lend me some assistance as I have yet another meeting with this worker today, which now makes it number 6 since September and she will not back off, she will not work with us and honour our wishes as to talking to my son. My wife has even gone so far as to request a new worker to the supervisor which has I am guessing been swept under the carpet because the same worker is involved, and as far as she is concerned she is the worker, and when we mention the request she gets real angry with us.
Contact us via message here. VERY HURT ABOUT ALL THIS


They also medicate children for coming forth and telling the truth after they have lied to put themselves into care. They did this when my sixteen year old daughter confessed to the lies and allegations she had made against me to get her own way and be removed from my home. She had left a trail behind herself for the past year and a half of her inappropriate behavior at the school,home and with the police. Six months before they removed her I had the Haldimand & Norfolk OPP call the Children's Aid Society and take her there to show her that I wasn't putting up with her behavior any further. The children's Aid told the police officer that they have bin to my house five times,they didn't have a problem with the way I raising my three daughters then removed all three on faults allegations. No warrant,Port Rowen Public School did the apprehension for the society.


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