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"I submit that an individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law."

— Matrin Luther King Jr.

We Won't Back Down

See what children and their families are doing to fight back against the Children's Aid Society (CAS) and the family courts (Video)

The unlawful detention of children at schools by school officials and CAS workers

This document is a must read for parents and school officials regarding the unlawful detention and interrogation of children by CAS workers in Ontario Schools

Questions & Answers for school officials regarding CAS at children's schools

This must read document for teachers and school officials answers many of the questions that school officials have about CAS in their schools

Questions & Answers for Police regarding involvement with CAS workers

This must read document for police officers answers many of the questions that law enforcement officials have about dealing with CAS workers. (Coming soon)

The Unlawful Practice of Social Work by CAS workers in Ontario

This document written by child and family justice advocate Vernon Beck outlines how most Childrens Aid Society workers in Ontario are breaking the law

Understanding the Children's Aid Society - A historical analysis

This document written by Michael Reid reviews the development of CAS in Ontario since the 1800's and its troubling past

How to launch a lawsuit against teachers or the School Board

This document will outline the steps for parents to launch a civil lawsuit against teachers or the local school board for allowing CAS workers to question their children at school without informed consent (coming soon)

A Child's Guide to Ontario's Office of the Children's Lawyer

This document will answer questions about the children's lawyer and show kids how to stand up against incompetent lawyers(coming soon)

What you Can Do to Help

A new section with initiatives for readers showing them how to get involved will be added soon. Please stay tuned.


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The Unlawful Practice of Social Work in Ontario by CAS workers (Jan 2016) - Download the latest copy

One teen's message to other teens when experiencing problems with Children's Aid Society

(May 22, 2010) A teen contacted Canada Court Watch and reported being abused and her rights and freedoms being violated while in care of the Children's Aid Society. Once this teen learned about her rights and freedoms which children's aid society workers would not inform her about, she was finally empowered to stand up for her rights and freedoms and to break the chains of Children's Aid Society oppression.

Today, this girl is happily living as a free person and able to make her own choices in life. She is one one the new generation of young Canadians who better understand what the word "freedom" means. She also understands that in many cases CAS agencies do more harm to children than good.

This teen now understands what it means to speak out with the truth and to stand up to defend freedom and democracy in Canada. Hopefully, her message will encourage other teens in care to learn about their rights and to start fighting for their freedoms

View this girls message on Canada Court Watch Vimeo site at:


This young girl should be an insperation to all other teens in the childern's aid societies so they know how their rights are being abused in the system. It just goes to show you that children do have a voice and that the courts should have all children in the courtroom so they can voice their opinions and tell the truth of their situation. Instead of the children's aid societies lieing to the courts to keep the funding coming to their office. This is just one way that the children's aid destroys children and then calls it in the best interest of the child. Very little the children's aid society does in the childs best interest, it all boils down to their funding and their large overpayed wages. The funding is really what's in their best interest and the work that they do for the families shows that. ( conquere and destroy ).


Undoubtedly, information is power! The ONLY way to successfully tackle Children's Aid Societies is by being well informed of your rights and the rule book. Otherwise you have a better chance of navigating through a minefield of shark infested waters called CAS. Look at read and understand the Child and Family Services Act, the Criminal Code of Canada, the Family Rules of Procedure, The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. All of these are available on the internet.

It is also VERY important that we speak about our trials and tribulations with CAS and any connecting matters they bring about that cause us harm and suffering. If we say nothing, nobody will ever know what is going on!!! Do not be afraid to tell the truth! There is absolutely nothing wrong in telling the truth, especially if you are a victim of abuse, even if your, that is especially if your abusers are CAS workers!!!

The young lady in this video who bravely speaks out is an example of a voice, perhaps a faint voice alone, but when combined with all the other voices will grow so loud that even mortal souls will become coherent to our cries for help and change since our Government is profoundly deaf in this area which affects so many children and families!!!

It seems our elected Governments choose to ignore our call for change and accountability. It seems our Governments also choose to turn a blind eye, even when they know there is one child that dies every 4 days in Ontario alone in the care of Social Services! Is that what is meant when they say "In the Best Interest of the Child?"

Attila L. Vinczer


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