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Mother sues daughters in bid to seize control of children's trust

April 21, 2011 - Burlington, Ontario (PDF Version at end)

Mother sues her own daughters in an effort to seize the children’s trust!
Children forced out of their own home by their hostile-aggressive and abusive mother who then launches a court action to strip the children of their home held in trust.

By Mike March, Justice Advocate

Burlington, Ontario - In a bizarre case involving a mother from Burlington and her two children, Canada Court Watch has learned that the mother, Angela Palonek, has launched a lawsuit against her two daughters in what would appear to be an attempt to seize her children’s trust fund and to leave them with nothing from their trust.

According to the mother’s affidavit, the mother wants the children’s trust transferred into her name.

The children’s trust was originally funded in 2003 by the children’s father, Ed Palonek, which court documents reveal was set up for the “direct benefit of the children”.

If the mother was to be successful in her action against her children, by default, her new common-law partner, Roy Wilton also of Burlington, would likely end up getting a claim on half the children’s trust.

Having a person who is not even related to the children get half of the children’s trust was certainly not the kind of outcome that was intended when the trust was first established for the children.

Court documents indicate that the children’s trust is currently estimated to be worth about $800,000 and consists of a property located in the exclusive Lakeshore Rd. and Walkers Line district in Burlington, Ontario.

Tragically, this matter which has pitted the mother against her own children in the Milton, Ontario court is just another sad example of how our family courts encourage conflict and family breakdown and destruction.

According to the children, their mother created living conditions that were so unbearable that the children eventually were forced to move out of their own home.

In effect, the mother who was a tenant in her children’s home created conditions which forced the children out of a home in which they were the owners!

At one point the mother called the Halton Regional Police on her own daughter using false allegations to promote trouble in the home.

After the children were forced out of their home, the mother went to court claiming that because they were no longer “children of the marriage” she was now entitled to money from the trust.

This statement to the court was outright perjury.

The court action against the children was initially started by Ms. Lorna Yates, a family law lawyer formerly with the Toronto law firm of Wilson Christen LLP but now with the law firm of Ballantyne Yates LLP.

Ms. Yates had an article published in Lawyers Weekly on September 24, 2010 in which she defined “children of the marriage” yet put forth a position for the mother which contradicted the position in her own published article.

Supporters of the family said they were shocked to learn that any lawyer would take on this case and prepare documents for the mother when it was quite evident that the mother had made perjured statements to the court and where the children were alleging abuse by mom.

Mother has a long history of abuse against children and the father
Testimony from the children and the father described how the mother had abused and neglected the children for years in their own home.

Some of the abuse reported by the children included:

• That the children felt that they have never known a stable home environment in all the years that their mother cared for them.
• The mother was often hostile and promoted conflict in the home with her children.
• The mother dragged them into the legal matters involving their father.
• The mother would pass the children notes while they were on the phone with their father and instructed what to say to their dad as if it was them speaking.
• The mother would often refuse to let the children use the phone to place calls or to receive calls their father.
• The mother constantly badmouthed their father in front of them.
• The mother’s hostile and aggressive behaviours had made it impossible for the children to live in their own home any longer.
• The mother physically assaulted her older daughter and had tried to choke her.
• That the older daughter was forced to reside in a hotel in Burlington to finish high school because she was unable to return to her own home.
• The mother abused the children’s dog by kicking it down the stairs. Mom got rid of the dog without even telling her children.
• In spite of a court Order in which the mother was not to smoke in the house, the mother chain smoked which bothered the children. When the children asked the mother to stop smoking in the house the mother would just laugh and blow smoke in the faces of her children.
• That the children often hid in their rooms in an attempt to isolate themselves from their mother’s abuse.
• That in spite of the mother receiving $9,000 a month in child and spousal support, the mother complained to the children that she wanted more money from their dad.
• The mother would refuse to give the children spending money and forced the children to go out and work.
• The mother took $5,000 from her daughters which the father had given the girls and told the daughters that they might have to go on welfare if they did not give her the money.

Mother in a conflict of interest as Trustee for her children’s trust
What is also so bizarre about this case is that the mother was appointed as Trustee of the children’s trust when it was set up and lived in the home with the children.

While there was nothing wrong with the mother living in the home, and acting as a Trustee, she is supposed to be acting in the children’s interest at all times. This is one of the primary roles of a Trustee.

Instead of acting in the children’s interest, the mother has forced them out and even as a Trustee, is taking the children to court.

The mother’s actions are very unethical and far out of line with what a Trustee should be doing.

The older daughter’s lawyer, John Cox of Oakville pointed out the clear conflict of interest and in paragraph 2(i) of the court document he prepared for the court stated that the mother “was in a conflict of interest from the date that the trust was constructed.”

Ms Palonek was clearly in a conflict of interest all along and whoever were the lawyers who put her in charge of the trust in the first place sure messed up.
The mother’s claim that her children were no longer children of the marriage was a total fabrication intended to deceive the honourable court.

At the time the mother launched her court action against her children, both children were attending school and fully dependent on the support of their father.

In spite of a court Order which stipulated that the trust was to directly benefit the children, on February 11, 2010, Justice Gray of the Milton, Ontario granted the mother a court Order allowing her to take $75,000 out of the children’s trust property for her own use.

Mother now refuses to pay child support

The father has reported that since the children have fled their trust home because of the mother’s behaviours, the mother has refused to pay child support for the children.

Mom has claimed that her children are no longer children of the marriage and not entitled to child support even though both children are still in school.

Mother claims to be a helpless victim in spite of $9,000 a month in payments from ex-husband

The mother pitched to the judge, “I am wholly dependent on Edward [her former spouse] for my and our now independent children’s support as I have been since we separated.”

On one hand, the mother played the victim card to the judge and on the other hand she dragged her own children into court in an attempt to rob them of their trust.

What the mother did not tell the judge is that she and the father of the children separated more than 18 years ago when she was 30 years of age.

After almost 16 years, this healthy mother still claims that she is unable to live except off the coat tails of her former husband to whom she was married for only three years!

Married for three years and collecting support payments of $9,000 a month for the past 16 years sounds almost unbelievable but true in this case.

Even today, in addition to the children’s trust the mother expects more support and expects her support to continue even though she has been living common-law with a new partner for several years now.

Based on the circumstances of this case, most reasonable and just-minded citizens would find it hard to believe that the courts have allowed this mother to get away perjury and child abuse and to tie matters up for so long.

It’s time that our courts stop being fooled by these selfish parents who pretend to be victims and abuse the justice system and play the courts to their own advantage.

It is time for this mother to get back to work, support and set a better example to children, contribute to society and to stop living off the backs of others, including her own children.

It’s time for our courts to put parents who abuse their children and the court system in their place.

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