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See what children and their families are doing to fight back against the Children's Aid Society (CAS) and the family courts (Video)

The unlawful detention of children at schools by school officials and CAS workers

This document is a must read for parents and school officials regarding the unlawful detention and interrogation of children by CAS workers in Ontario Schools

Questions & Answers for school officials regarding CAS at children's schools

This must read document for teachers and school officials answers many of the questions that school officials have about CAS in their schools

Questions & Answers for Police regarding involvement with CAS workers

This must read document for police officers answers many of the questions that law enforcement officials have about dealing with CAS workers. (Coming soon)

The Unlawful Practice of Social Work by CAS workers in Ontario

This document written by child and family justice advocate Vernon Beck outlines how most Childrens Aid Society workers in Ontario are breaking the law

Understanding the Children's Aid Society - A historical analysis

This document written by Michael Reid reviews the development of CAS in Ontario since the 1800's and its troubling past

How to launch a lawsuit against teachers or the School Board

This document will outline the steps for parents to launch a civil lawsuit against teachers or the local school board for allowing CAS workers to question their children at school without informed consent (coming soon)

A Child's Guide to Ontario's Office of the Children's Lawyer

This document will answer questions about the children's lawyer and show kids how to stand up against incompetent lawyers(coming soon)

What you Can Do to Help

A new section with initiatives for readers showing them how to get involved will be added soon. Please stay tuned.


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The Unlawful Practice of Social Work in Ontario by CAS workers (Jan 2016) - Download the latest copy

Canada Court Watch advises Minister of front line CAS workers breaking the law

(Oct 19, 2010) Canada Court Watch has sent a letter to Child and Youth Services Minister, Laurel Broten, advising her that many of the province's front line CAS workers have been breaking the law for a number of years.

In its letter, Canada Court Watch asked the Minister to take immediate action to have unregistered and unregulated front line workers obey the Social Services and Social Services Act which requires them to be regulated by the College.

It is the position of Canada Court Watch that complaints about CAS workers will be reduced if workers are required to be registered with the College. The College maintains high standards of training and in addition has a disciplinary body to oversee its members.

Readers with complaints about unregistered workers should seek a court order to have unregistered workers replaced with only registered workers.

Readers may view the attached letter in PDF format.

2010Oct19-Vern_Beck_to_Minister_Broten.pdf260.07 KB

My experience with a public worker breaking the law involved an Ontario Works employee that mistakenly thought the woman I lived with was a victim of spousal abuse.

At the time my girlfriend had just quit drinking and drugs, so I believed her irrational behavior was a side effect of her recovery. She needed 24/7 care due to her overwhelming abandonment fears, so I took time off work to be with her. After about 5 months and 6 hospital trips she was getting better but still couldn’t be on her own for more than an hour or so, and I was running out of money so we went to Ontario Works so we could get help with some of the costs of recovery which at this time were running at about $4,000 per month.

The worker we met with was a victim of an alcoholic and knew almost everything about what we were going through as if she was there living it with us. After our interview that lasted more than an hour we were on top of the world! We were told that Works would cover our medication, rent and related recovery costs. I was also told to work when I could since my girlfriend was relaxed knowing there was a plan in place.

The first test happened the week after getting instructions from our worker, I was to go on a business trip to Goderich to make some money and my girlfriend was going to stay home in Mississauga and attend her recovery programs.

I left Sunday afternoon so I could attend a meeting early Monday morning, my girlfriend and I spoke Sunday night and again Monday and Tuesday morning, everything seemed fine until she got the mail and it contained a letter from Works.

The woman at Works had used her position to manipulate the situation so that she could “save” my girlfriend from a seemingly abusive boyfriend who was living off the poor girl to support his drug habit.

Sounds like a program many people would support, like Mothers Against Drunk Driving or our Domestic Dispute laws.

The problem is I wasn’t supporting a drug habit and wasn’t abusive. I am a “White Knight”, which is in the world of recovery: a person who helps someone in need.

However the woman wasn’t totally wrong about the abuse, there were signs of abuse in both of us but we didn’t know ourselves why things had become the way they were but with the Worker using her rubber stamp with the words “guilty” printed on it she became the Crown and Judge for my girlfriend.

Now that we can look back in hindsight it is easy to see why the Worker wanted to “save” my girlfriend, however if she followed the rules instead of breaking the law it would have saved us years of frustration and tens of thousands of tax-payer dollars in additional medical and legal fees.

Now I know why we should NEVER give up our “RIGHT” to be considered "Innocent until proven guilty", no matter how good the reason seems otherwise.


I wanted to know how a person does this?

Under which process can a person request from the court that all front-line workers be registered with the College?

As the SWSSWA only says that those who call themselves Social Workers have to be registered with the College, there is no violation of the law and I don't know how you can ask the court to force this?

I support it of course, but the question is HOW.

Does one initiate an "Action" or an "Application" to the court? Does one have to name all 53 Children's Aid Societies as parties and serve them each, which would drive costs up to a level that is extremely high, or just how does one do this?

Or do you take the Ministry of Children and Youth Services to court instead of the CAS's?

I think this is an important discussion to have and hope we can figure this out so that someone is inclined to go ahead and take the necessary action to ensure it gets done.


Thank you for your work in providing information to parents attempting to defend themselves from the abuses of the CAS.
You give me hope - keep up the good work.


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